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Speak with Your Dollars on Black Friday!



African-Americans have $1.1 trillion in purchasing power in the U.S. but only 2 percent of it are spent in Black businesses. One powerful form of change is spending more of those dollars supporting jobs, schools and cultural arts institutions in our communities.

We need to divest in American corporations until human rights for everyone is honored. What is happening in Ferguson and across the nation is a violation of human rights as recognized by the United Nations. It is a global concern as well as a national one. The U.S. is also killing hundreds of innocent families through its military strategy of using drones in countries overseas. Human rights violations are occurring on our soil and abroad.

Let’s use Black Friday as a starting point to rally for change so other families will not face the same pain of losing their sons or daughters as Mike Brown’s family did in Ferguson.

The goal is simple — use today to demonstrate that human rights matter. It is a start towards a divestment in a Republic that continues to violate human rights.

We need to re-direct our dollars towards supporting local businesses that respect our communities. Let’s start today with Black Friday. Join in by not buying gifts from corporations like Walmart, which has an outrageous record in how it treats employees.

There is an inspiring story about one family who spend the whole year purchasing from Black owned businesses. If one family can invest a year, we have the spirit and courage to dedicate one day.

Below is a short 10-minute video from one family that spent a year buying only from Black businesses. Click on the link to view. It’s worth the watch.

Using your purchasing power is just as important as protesting in the streets and voting.

Please use your power and voice on Black Friday. Pls share!


One Family’s Journey Buying Black



“Black businesses only get 2 percent of $1 trillion of Black buying power. Black businesses are the greatest private employers of Black people. If there were more support of black businesses, employment would not be so high.”

Ms. Maggie Anderson, author of Our Black Year. 

View Video on OUR BLACK YEAR



A Short List for Black Friday

(Pls. add to it and share)

Novelty Items

Cards & Calendars

80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY


BOOKS – Black Bookstores

Sister’s Uptown Bookstore
1942 Amsterdam Ave. (156 St & Amsterdam Ave.)


Moshood Creations
698 Fulton St., Bklyn, 718-243-9433

Courtney Washington, Inc.
674 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

HuffPost – Black owned businesses



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