Greetings From New Poetry Editor Angela Kinamore

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In ancient times, poets were considered prophets; enlightening words raised the consciousness of generation after generation. Now more than ever, poets are needed to raise awareness, give life to our weary spirits, and deliver innovative transformative messages.  The baton has been passed, by Gwendolyn Brooks (June 7, 2017 marked her centennial), Amiri Baraka, Maya Angelou, Louis Reyes Rivera, and other literary giants. The hour has arrived for a new generation of brilliant poets to boldly step forward, building on the legacy of these great souls, esteemed ancestors who are rooting for us.

As African Voices celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, its Publisher, Carolyn Butts stands strong and committed to providing a literary platform for poets, writers, artists and filmmakers. At this historic moment, it is indeed an honor, as Poetry Editor, to become an official member of the African Voices family.

I look forward to building on the literary excellence set by predecessors, ensuring that the works of talented poets are showcased on the pages of African Voices. My vision for this distinguished literary magazine is simply to see it soar beyond the measure of its impressive past. Submission of fresh, engaging, insightful, moving, healing and uplifting poetry of all styles are welcomed. Poets who, in the words of Sonia Sanchez, “have their pulse on the world” are offered an opportunity to connect with the hearts and minds of the African Voices audience.

Many thanks to the devoted readers and contributors who have faithfully supported this publication over the years. Hand in hand, we shall support African Voices, so that our voices can resound in the halls of an enlightened society.

Angela Kinamore

Poetry Editor

African Voices


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  1. Angela
    I am so proud of you. You look great.Will talk with you soon.

  2. So very proud of you! I know you will be very successful

  3. Another great achievement! Glad for you

  4. hi
    would you consider poetry from the caribbean?

  5. I have translated several poems from contemporary poets of the New World African diaspora, and would like to know if I would need to obtain permissions to submit my translations for publication.

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