Our Interns from Hampton University

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Our beautiful and gifted interns from Hampton University, Virginia (l. to r.): Kayla Brown, Emmanuel Price, Ashanti Scott, Aaron Doggett and Rushard Anderson.

African Voices is proud to introduce you to five amazing young writers, filmmakers and media professionals who devoted five weeks to conducting and editing interviews for our two websites (africanvoices.com and reel sisters.org). Under the direction of Hampton University Professor Eleanor Earl , our team of interns interviewed several women filmmakers and professionals via Skype and e-mail. Our interns worked closely with our staff electronic to produce a series of provocative interviews we hope our readers and viewers will enjoy. Please share and comment on the interviews as we post them.

Five weeks is a very short time — we are grateful that our dedicated team decided to spend additional precious summer time to complete the edits on the interviews.

We tip our hats to our interns — inspired by their energy and commitment to the art of storytelling. The world is in great hands.

Intern Bios

Rushard Anderson.

Rushard Anderson.


Rushard Anderson was born March 10, 1993 in Richmond Virginia. I am a broadcast journalism and sports management major who has been on the Dean’s List twice. I played football at Hampton University from 2011-2012. I also served as a residential assistant at a dormitory from 2012-2014. As for community service, I am a part of the athletic marketing Reach Out to Boys & Girls club program, as well as working as a mentor for the Promise Program, which is run through the psychology department at HU. I am a writer and on-camera personality at the Hampton University Scripps Howard news team. As I continue to work on my craft of being a writer and sports analyst, I have hopes of becoming an ESPN analyst/radio personality in the future.

Kayla Brown.

Kayla Brown.


My name is Kayla Brown and I am a senior public relations major from Franklin, NJ. I am interested in all things public relations related. I love my major because it gives me so many options as far as what I could work wise. My main focus and area of interest is event coordination and branding. When I graduate I see myself working for a public relations firm in either New York City or Los Angeles. I love all things music related and film related so hopefully one day I will end up working in either two areas.

Aaron Doggett

Aaron Doggett


My name is Aaron Doggett. I am a graduating senior at Hampton University’s Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. I am a broadcast journalism major with cinema studies as an area of emphasis. I transferred to the school of Journalism and Communications from the School of Architecture. I was born in Virginia Beach, VA, but I grew up in Alexandria, VA- which I call home. I would love to be a documentarian and direct a feature length film one day.

I love the ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries the most. My favorite director is Spike Lee. I have yet to see a movie of his that I do not like. Do the Right Thing is my favorite movie, and Radio Raheem is my favorite movie character because I can see a lot of myself in him. We’re both tall, built, African-American men, and like Radio Raheem, I love to blast music that expresses the way I feel; and, I’m a man of few words. My heart is with cameras. I’ve always loved them from as early as I can remember. My mom bought me a Polaroid camera when I was younger and had it not broken, I would still use it to this day. It would also be awesome to one day create an animated series-something silly, not necessarily on the satirical level of Family Guy or SouthPark; but just something light hearted that can make young adults laugh. There’s a relatively new animated series that I like called The Lucas Bros. Moving Co. It comes on Fox, and is basically just about the fantasy life of two twin brothers.

Over the last few months I have been learning how to edit using Final Cut Pro 7, and although it’s a process, I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to better my skills, and, in the near future, I hope to get Final Cut Pro X sometime in the near future. I heard it’s great. Thanks for reading!

Emmauel Price.

Emmauel Price.


Born March 17, 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri Emmanuel Price is a senior English-Arts Major at Hampton University. He also competes for the Hampton University Men’s track and field team. Emmanuel is an aspiring educator as well as children’s author. Volunteering with several organizations such as Hampton Roads Food Bank, St. Paul Saturday’s youth mentoring program, and along with St. Paul A.M.E church food pantry & sound ministry. Aside from the volunteer work he has also been apart of several political campaigns from the local to state level in Missouri. His hard work in the community has also led to me receiving several awards from various organizations, such as the future leader award, certificate of genius from the PSI institute tutoring organization. While at Hampton University Emmanuel’s hard work has also lead to me being on the dean’s list at Hampton University 6 out of 7 semesters, while also receiving a couple awards from the athletic department. Such as Most Improved, Indoor MVP and MEAC All-Academic team selection.

Ashanti Scott.

Ashanti Scott.


Ashanti Scott will be a Graduate of Hampton University in August 2015. She majored in broadcast journalism and is receiving a minor in theatre. Ashanti Scott was born and raised in sunny California, where there are many opportunities and countless blessings. Growing up in the entertainment business as a professional dancer at the age of seven, Ashanti says, “That (dance) is what helped me find out what I wanted to be in life”. She danced as a principle dancer at The Debbie Allen Dance Academy for 15 years. She also developed her acting skills and from that moment forward, she knew she wanted to remain in the entertainment business. Ashanti is an aspiring filmmaker, casting director, and radio personality. She is a skilled editor, writer, camera operator, and motivational speaker who also has an outstanding personality. One of her favorite quotes says, “ Without struggle, what does your success really mean?” She lives by that quote because it helps her understand that not every road to success is going to be easy, but once she gets to her destination, she’ll understand how to stay there and never look back. Ashanti is one strong, animated, and most of all, dedicated young woman with many goals- all of which she is determined to check off her list.

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